Friday, May 14, 2010

Weight Loss, - pitfalls to avoid

Summer is here, are you ready? I always have to work little bit hard to get ready for summer, so I can wear summer friendly clothes. How about you?

Weight loss seemed to be simple enough someone who is fit and slim. Many experts will tell you simple, eat less and burn more calories, do exercise at least for 15 minutes. It was simple enough, then all of us would be doing it right? Let's say you even got started, but sticking to the program is harder in long run. And losing those 15 lbs are impossible, at least for me. They are like my long lost pals, who does not want to leave me at all.

What are your pitfalls? What have you tried that quite did not work for you.

1. Excersizing too fast and losing momentum and feeling drained
2. Eating more, due to more excercise, burning calories, net result zero or sometimes gain weight.
3. Eating too little, feeling tired and dizzy to do anything.
4. Seem like losing weight, but it is only water loss and causing you to dehydrated.
5. Your body getting adjusted to new excersise routine, stopping any new weight loss
6.Stop eating your favorite food, hence craving and binging on chocalte icecream later on.
7. Losing motivation, no momentum
8. Your metabilism does not budge no matter what you do, or it gets adjusted fast to your new routine
9. No support system
10. Or worse, sabotage system where someone does not want you to be fit and slim and does everything in his/her power to entice you to fall out from your goal.

These are some realistic and possible pitfalls one can have when trying to lose weight as if losing weight itself was not hard enough. No wonder we can not start and stay motivated enough to lose weight and stay fit. There are way too many distraction and friction in between.

What is yours? How do you keep it to your goal?


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