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Friday, June 18, 2010

Good reads

There are some great websites, blogs that are wonderful and talks about all health and fitness issues. Here are some of the articles that I recently read in quest to make myself more healthy and fit.

CNN health site . With name like CNN, you will know they will have a great information site, everything you want to know about health and health issues.

Some of favorite articles are;

Fatty food might be addictive

Laughing as a exercise , can laughing can count as exercise? if so, I am going to laugh out loud listening to some funny jokes. Easiest form of exercise and fun too. Wanna join?

Movie food This is must read as I go and watch new movie every Friday with my friends. We always share popcorn and but get individual drink. I think I gain 1lbs from all that eating and drinking.

Perils of Plastic , This article is my, many people in media are using less plastic and I am also getting concerned. Check out this article for more information.

More later.

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