Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Having a Garden in your yard

Eating well and fresh produce can go hand in hand. Growing small garden in your yard is always great idea, you can grow, herbs, pepper, tomatoes, basil and other plant that you can buy it from gardening store.

Here are some great resources for you to look at it, check it out.

Helpful gardener has a great tips on how to grow herb garden. Site also have other gardening resources such as gardening flowers and other useful tips.
How to grow herb garden

About.com has a great section on gardening. Here is a good article that shows you what type of stuff you can do in month of June. Check out, June gardening

Heart and Mind websites that talks about more about life style improvement and slowing down and enjoying life wrote about 101 changes series that she writes there. Check out 101 changes: Plant something in your garden .

Veggie Garden tips site has a great suggestions on growing mushroom at home. I never thought of doing it, does people plant mushrooms at home? It might be good thing, check it out Mushroom gardening

Do you garden? Was this suggestions useful?

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